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Programme Overview

The Wyith-Wesleyan PhD in Business Administration is specially designed to suit the demands of the current global and the upcoming high-potential ASEAN business markets. The curriculum emphasizes on enhancing learners' capabilities in applying global business concepts onto regional issues and help widen their horizons using ASEAN case studies. It also helps candidates realize upcoming trends and prepare them for the various tumultuous business areas, both globally and locally.

Why the Wyith-Wesleyan PhD?

According to a report from The Diplomat (2017), Asia will account for the largest global GDP share at around 40% by 2030 and China will be responsible for approximately half of that, ... roughly on par with North America and Europe. Furthermore, according to an OECD Report on the Economic Outlook for Southeast Asia, China and India 2018, "... in the next five years through 2022, the Philippines and Vietnam are expected to lead growth among the ASEAN-5 (i.e. Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam)". The Wyith-Wesleyan PhD, therefore, bring together both the Filipino advantage as well as the Hong Kong (China) competitiveness, opening up a whole new pan-Asian horizon for our doctoral candidates who are eyeing upon the upcoming opportunities in the area.

Indeed, getting your degree through Wyith Institute™ from a top-tiered autonomous university from the only English-speaking democratic nation of Asia, i.e. the Philippines, would not only give you an edge to ride with the waves of the emerging Asian economies but also let you peep through the minds of the future ASEAN markets.


Qualification  Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Business Administration
Study mode  Online / Distance Learning
Start dates  Every January / September
Duration  30 to 36 months
Delivery  Wyith Institute™
Course fees 
US$13,600   (standard tuition)
US$10,600   (upon deducting BCR@W or other cryptocurrencies)

Three payment plans are available, see Payment Plans under the Tuition Fees section. For learners from developing countries (e.g. India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Indonesia, etc.), monthly instalments (as low as USD100) and special scholarships are also available.

Wesleyan Programmes at Wyith Institute™

The following are the transnational degree programmes from Wesleyan University Philippines that are offered via Wyith Institute. These degree programmes are first offered from the second semester of the 2018/2019 academic year onwards as a result of a Memorandum of Agreement signed between Wesleyan University Philippines and Wyith Institute in 2018. Please visit our News Centre for details.

Master of Business Administration


Doctor of Philosophy
in Business Administration


Doctor of Education
in Educational Management


Entrance requirements. Who's elibigle?

The minimum requirement for entry into the Wyith-Wesleyan transnational degree programmes are as follows. Applicants seeking admission to the Master of Business Administration programme shall normally be over 21 years old; hold a bachelor's degree (in any discipline) with a GPA of 2.0 or above from an accredited university or equivalent, e.g. the Level 6 GCGI award from City and Guilds, and a minimum of 6.5 IELTS overall with no less than 5.5 in any band, for non-English degree graduates.

Applicants seeking admission to the Wyith-Wesleyan PhD in Business Administration or the EdD in Educational Management program shall normally be over 26 years old; hold an MBA or MEd degree or a master's degree in a related discipline (with good grades), or equivalent, e.g. the Level 7 MCGI award from City and Guilds, from an accredited university or equivalent; have at least 5 years of experience at executive/management level; and be able to demonstrate their education and/or professional performance to undertake research at the doctoral level.

The final decision concerning the eligibility, acceptability of qualifications and research areas for the PhD in Business Administration or EdD in Educational Management program rests with the Graduate School of Wesleyan University Philippines.

Curriculum of the Wyith-Wesleyan PhD (60 credits)

Doctoral Coursework (3 credits each, total 48 credits)

There are a total of 48 credits of coursework requirement in this programme. These courses are designed to provide learners with a wide spectrum of knowledge in the field of business management and administration. There are 16 courses in this category and can be completed in 24 months:

• Advanced Business Research
• Comparative Banking Systems
• Comparative Management Systems
• Corporate Finance
• Economic Theory and Policy
• Entrepreneurship Analysis
• International Marketing
• International Economics
• Legal Bases of Business
• Operations and Technology Systems
• Organization and Management Theories
• Project Planning, Development and Evaluation
• Public Administration Policy and Practice
• Special Topics in Business Administration
• Strategy and International Business
• Transformational Leadership

Comprehensive Examination (0 credits)

The comprehensive examination is a way to assess the general mastery of major theoretical concepts of learners after the learner has completed all his or her coursework requirements. The comprehensive exmaination questions are usually focused around knowledge of theories, research methodologies and how to apply these theories using the right research methodologies in the learners' areas of study, hence, making sure that the learner is capable of carrying out his or her research and solve the research problems using the right methods and tools.

Doctoral Dissertation (12 credits)

The Wyith-Wesleyan PhD concludes with the learners' doctoral dissertation, a major piece of scholarly work that focuses on a topic of his/her choice and duly approved by the doctoral dissertation panel. The dissertation can be completed in 2 semesters (or 1 year). Though there is no specific requirement on the word count of the dissertation, the usual length, depending on the type of research and the topic as well as the corresponding methodlogy adopted, is generally around 25,000 words and up to 75,000 words (max). For instance, if your research is on a topic related to econometrics and you are developing a mathematical model for your dissertation, your dissertation could be relatively short (in the 25,000 to 30,000 range) but if you are working on a topic related to a conceptual model related to culture and you are deploying corpus linguistics techniques (meaning that you will be quoting and analyzing large amount of historical text-based excerpts from, say newspapers and magazines) or using various other qualitative methods in the course of your research, your word count could go much higher.

Course Delivery

The Wyith-Wesleyan MBA/PhD/EdD programmes are delivered entirely online (intensive face-to-face classes are also available in some countries, e.g. in Vietnam and India). Learners log onto our class portal and they will have access to reading and study material as well as video recordings of live sessions. Each course runs on a 6-week cycle and there will be one live session per week. Learners are required to attend at least five out of the six live sessions or watch them later after the session recordings are uploaded to the class portal. A screenshot of the course portal is shown below.

Sample Screenshot of Class Portal

What's in a Live Session?

Live sessions comprise of lectures and discussions, case studies, historical data analysis, current trends and forecasts, special guest interviews on related subject matters, as well as selected video archives. Each live session lasts for 2.5 hours (with 2 hours of presentation and an optional 30-minute question-and answering session). Some of the screenshots of the live sessions are shown below.

Dissertation Supervision for Doctoral Lerarners

For learners studying for the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Business Administration or the Doctor of Education (EdD) in Educational Management degrees, one-on-one supervision is generally provided online, usually via email, Skype and Whatsapp. Other forms of electronic communications can also be made available, as long as it is acceptable by both the supervisor and the learner.

Got Questions? See if we already have an answer for you here.

  1. Is Wesleyan University Philippines accredited?
    Of course. Wesleyan University Philippines is one of few universities granted autonomous status (60+ out of over 2,300 in the Philippines) by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) of the Government of the Philippines (see also List of Autonomous Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)). And, according to CHED Memorandum Order No.52, Series of 2006, the granting of the autonomous status is aimed at recognizing private HEIs that have consistently shown exemplary performance in the provision of education, research and extension services. Meanwhile, Wesleyan has also been awarded Institutional Accredited Status by the Federation of Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines (FAAP) in 2014, meaning degrees conferred by the University are both duly recognized and accredited.

  2. Are Wesleyan University degree accepted in the United States?
    Not every degree from a Philippine university is recognized as equivalent to those from universities in the United States of America. MBA, PhD, and EdD degrees from the Wesleyan University Philippines, however, are completely recognized as equivalent in the USA. According to renowned credential evaluator, World Education Services (WES), the MBA and PhD in Business Administration degrees earned at Wesleyan University Philippines are considered to be equivalent to those earned from any U.S.-based higher educational institution (see equivalency report below).

    Wesleyan U Philippines MBA PhD
    U.S. Equivalency Master's Earned Doctorate

    WES Degree Equivalency Tool Reference Report (358kb) dated January 30, 2020

  3. How long does it take to complete the MBA/EdD/PhD degree?
      For MBA Programme  
    There are 12 courses in the Wyith-Wesleyan MBA programme and each course last for 6 weeks (with a one-week break in between courses). This means that unless you choose not to follow in a particular 6-week cycle, you should be able to finish your MBA in about 18 to 24 months. The minimum time required to complete the MBA degree is about 1.5 to 2 academic years (i.e. three to four semesters). Learners are required to complete a minimum of at least one course every semester (6 months) to remain registered and are required to complete their degree within 5 years from the date of enrollment.
      For PhD • EdD Programmes  
    There are 16 courses plus one dissertation in the Wyith-Wesleyan PhD/EdD programme and each course also last for 6 weeks (with a one-week break in between courses), meaning that unless you choose not to follow in a particular 6-week cycle, you should be able to finish all your doctoral coursework in 24 months and use two more semesters for writing your dissertation. Hence, the minimum time required to complete the Wyith-Wesleyan PhD/EdD degree is about 3 academic years (i.e. six semesters). Learners are required to complete a minimum of at least one course every semester (6 months) and are required to complete their degree programme within 7 years from the date of enrollment.

  4. How much is the tuition and the fees?
    For tuition and fees, please refer to the Tuition and Fees section.

  5. What is company reimbursement? Do you offer any scholarships?
    Many of our learners have received reimbursement from their employers for tuition expenses. Please talk to your employer to see if you are eligible for any financial assistance for your education. In addition, you may also be eligible for our scholarship too, please read more about Scholarships at Wyith Institute™.

  6. Can I apply and start any time?
    Yes. Learners can apply and join the next upcoming course (i.e. next 6-week cycle) at any time during the year. Please contact an admissions representative for details.

  7. What are the Wesleyan University programmes that you offer?
    We offer three Wesleyan University Philippines degree programmes. They are the Master of Business Administration (MBA), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) majoring in Business Administration, and Doctor of Education (EdD) majoring in Educational Management. Please contact an admissions representative for details.

  8. Can I take just one single course?
    Unfortunately, no. Learners must enroll in one of our professional diploma or degree programmes and cannot enroll into a single course at this time.

  9. How do the monthly payments work? Will you perform credit checks?
    We do not do credit checks. Your monthly payments commences one month after your enrollment (and your downpayment) and continue until your degree program is paid in full. If you complete your degree program before you satisfied all your financial obligations, you will need to pay the remaining balance before you receive your degree.

  10. Is there a graduation ceremony?
    Of course! Since our online graduates are located all around the world, we do organize graduation ceremonies in different countries from time to time and you are welcome to join. You can, in addition, join the official graduation ceremony at the Wesleyan University Philippines campus in Cabanatuan City too!

About Wesleyan University Philippines

Founded by the late Rev. Carlos Mañacopthe of the United Methodist Church (UMC) in 1946, the Wesleyan University Philippines, located in Cabanatuan City of Central Luzon, is the third youngest member of the 12 Wesleyan universities and colleges established by the Church (note: the other 11 Wesleyan universities are all located in the United States of America, see map below)

• 1842     Ohio Wesleyan University
• 1843     Iowa Wesleyan College
• 1850     Kentucky Wesleyan College
• 1857     Tennessee Wesleyan College
• 1866     Kansas Wesleyan University
• 1885     Dakota Wesleyan University

• 1887     Nebraska Wesleyan University
• 1890     Texas Wesleyan University
• 1890     West Virginia Wesleyan College
1946     Wesleyan University Philippines
• 1956     North Carolina Wesleyan College
• 1966     Virginia Wesleyan University

Wesleyan University Philippines

Wesleyan University Philippines is a modern university with roots dating back to 1946. The University was established as the Philippine Wesleyan College by the late Rev. Carlos Mañacop of the United Methodist Church of the United States of America. The first Filipino Methodist Bishop Dr. Dionisio D. Alejandro was named the first WU-P President. Over the last 60 years, WU-P has developed into a top-tier private university with full autonomous status that offers a variety of programs. It also operates its own radio station, DWUP-FM 89.7MHz, and runs its Cardiovascular Diagnostic Center and Hospital.

Full Autonomous Status

Wesleyan is one of the top-ranked universities in the Philippines to be granted full autonomous status. There are well over 2,100 higher educational institutions in the Philippines (over 1,500 private and 600 public) and only 59 of them (as of 2016) have been awarded autonomous status from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) of the Philippines – and Wesleyan University Philippines is one of them. Being an autonomous university signifies Wesleyan's continuous efforts in achieving better facilities and equipment, governance, transparency and integrity and its institutional accreditation. The Autonomous Status is the highest recognition that the CHED can grant any private higher education institution in recognition of the awarded institution's accomplishments, adherence to quality assurance, and commitment to public responsibility and accountability as a higher-education provider.

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