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Statement of Coin Value

Through Wyith Institute™, BCR@W is a special fork of the original BCR coin linked to various intellectual property-based assets and intangible services in higher education, including but not limited to degree programs (see our various study programmes accepting the BCR@W coin), incubation of and access to new researches and their commercializations, digital assets in the form of creations, patents and trademarks, etc. These linkages provide solid substance and support to the value of the BCR@W. They also provide viable business grounds for generating interest payments to coin holders.

Given the above rationale, Wyith Institute™ hence controls carefully the BCR@W coin supply to below 400,000 BCR@Ws (with current circulation under 5,000 BCR@W coins), which is far less than the original BCR's circulation currently standing at 102,590,000 (rounded to the nearest thousand). This (i.e. our small coin supply) justifies the 10% high interest rates we pay out to BCR@W coin holders. For current BCR circulation, please see

Hence, unlike other digital assets, BCR@W network members hold greater value because they can be benefitted by tapping into various blockchain-related education and intellectual property related functions. And, by linking BCR@W with education, there will be incentivization for individual members to contribute to the stability of the BCR@W system as they hold onto BCR@W while they study for their degrees.

So, when institutional members hold BCR@W for stable interests (i.e. the 10% per annum interest), individual members hold BCR@W for their durations of study (e.g. two years) – further creating positive value for BCR@W by slowing down the velocity of the native or fiat currency. Also, by providing functions like smart contracts and high-gain digital intellectual property asset trading and its management, BCR@W can also be used as collateral and further slows down its velocity and subsequently increases its value.

Also, by allowing only Proof-of-Stake (POS) mining as the sole means to earn the right to serve the original BCR coin blockchain, members are provided further incentives to stake BCR@Ws – a strategic feature that further creates demand for BCR@W staking, and not just the coin trading. Most importantly, BCR@W holders are duly identified, not anonymous. This ensures both transparency and integrity of the value network.

Below are some of the features of BCR@W in the field of education.

Credentialing & Authenticity

Streamlines digital credentialing and eliminates fake academic credntials; safeguards reputation
   Student Loans

Eliminates defaults and late payments via automatic wage garnishments using BCR@W
Asset Management

Helps manage property rights, deeds and land titles, especially for educational institutions in developing countries
   Donations & Funds Transfers

Receive international donations and get funds from countries with less restrictions
Digital Asset Management

Broadcast and protects intellectual rights, publications, inventions, research findings
   Identification & Verification

Protects individual privacy and eliminates double enrollment; enhances data integrity
Sustainability & Development

Provides stable and sustainable future return through the BCR@W coin network

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About Wyith Community

Wyith Community is an associated not-for-profit society founded by members of the Wyith Institute™. The society successfully completed its registration on March 31, 2016 with the Hong Kong Police in accordance with the provisions of Section 5A(1) of the Societies Ordinance – Chapter 151 of the Laws of Hong Kong. The aims of Wyith Community is to foster the growth and exchange of knowledge and its development through supporting the Belt-and-Road Initiative which covers more than 60 countries (or some 63% of the world's population; or 30% of the world's GDP in total) along the ancient Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silkroad. Hence, the Community envisions very active future collaborations with universities and tertiary institutions situated along the Belt-and-Road economic regions. The Community is a major shareholder of AAABlockchain Ltd in Belize (Central America) that holds nine (9) Australian patents regarding various blockchain applications through which the Community firmly believes could help transform and bring development to countries along the Belt-and-Road economic regions, if not to the entire world. These patents are also recognized by the United States Patent and Trade Mark Office (USPTO) through the international Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

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