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Network Redundancy of Our Coin

We at Wyith Institute™ understand the importance of having a secure and failsafe network, especially when we are responsible for maintaining the value of the digital assets we hold and offer. Therefore, Wyith Institue has developed, since 2008 (yes, after Sri Lanka got hit by the tsunami induced by an Indian Ocean earthquake in 2004, and right before the 2008 financial tsunami), its own network with sufficient geographical and technical redundancy, making sure that no one isolated incident, be it natural disasters like the 2004 earthquake or any political issues that could lead to complete Internet shutdown within any particular sovereign state, would ever affect the integrity and security of the digital assets Wyith Institute™ safeguards. Multiple copies of data are being constantly backed up and a round-robin like server cluster is maintained to make sure 100% security.

Our current geographical and network redundancy are as follows.

Wyith Institute™ has completed its redundancy project in 2018 and the Institute now maintains multiple redundant servers in Scottsdale (in Arizona, United States of America), Reykjavik (in Iceland), Tokyo (Japan), Metro Manila (in the Philippines), as well as in Hong Kong (China). Our upcoming project is to establish a new data hub in Singapore (so as to consolidate network resources for our operations among Asia countries).

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About Wyith Community

Wyith Community is an associated not-for-profit society founded by members of the Wyith Institute™. The society successfully completed its registration on March 31, 2016 with the Hong Kong Police in accordance with the provisions of Section 5A(1) of the Societies Ordinance – Chapter 151 of the Laws of Hong Kong. The aims of Wyith Community is to foster the growth and exchange of knowledge and its development through supporting the Belt-and-Road Initiative which covers more than 60 countries (or some 63% of the world's population; or 30% of the world's GDP in total) along the ancient Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silkroad. Hence, the Community envisions very active future collaborations with universities and tertiary institutions situated along the Belt-and-Road economic regions. The Community is a major shareholder of AAABlockchain Ltd in Belize (Central America) that holds nine (9) Australian patents regarding various blockchain applications through which the Community firmly believes could help transform and bring development to countries along the Belt-and-Road economic regions, if not to the entire world. These patents are also recognized by the United States Patent and Trade Mark Office (USPTO) through the international Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

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