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Fundamentals of Our Coin

Developed as the education-couterpart of BCR, Bankcoin Reserve at Wyith (BCR@W) is the digital coin that is used for anything education. BCR@W acts as a powerful tool for universities, colleges and schools, learners and teachers, and also investors (in private education), traders (of education related products and resources) and even the banking sectors (for asset management on university and education-related investments). Similar to the original Bankcoin Reserve (BCR), BCR@W is a digital mining asset or a stable coin pegged to the support or resistance price (depending on the current market trends; read more below) of one ounce of gold. Its value is also protected through our nine patented monetary innovations plus additional contractual agreements with various tertiary institutions (in the sense that BCR@W can be used for partial tuition payment) as well as collateral in the form of various other digital currencies.

Some more operational differences between the BCR@W and BCR are listed in the table below.

Original BCR


AML & KYC Compliancy Generally, no. Only wallet downloads are recorded and monitored. The actual owners of the BCR wallet are not known. BCR@W is both AML (meaning "Anti-Money Laundering") and KYC (meaning "Know-Your-Customers") in nature.
Coin Mining Original BCR coins are mined on your own computer in real-time, which means you need to leave your computer on if you want to mine coins non-stop. How many coins can be mined depends on the number of coins (stake) your have and how long you leave your computer on running. BCR@W coins are mined via our central mining system, which means you do not need to have your computer turned on for coins to mine. Mined coins are received as interest at the 30th or 31st of each month. Interest is guaranteed at 10% per annum (see Interest Rates below). If interest in a month is less than 0.001 BCR@W, it will automatically be brought forward to the next month.
Interest Rate Theorectically speaking, the BCR coin generates a 10% interest per annum but this means you will need to have your computer turned on frequently, if not 24/7, plus a fast Internet connection. It is also possible that if you do not even open your wallet for the whole year then the amount of coins mined can be far less than 10%. In additon, you will also need to have a fast and reliable computer too. Since mining is centralized, a 10% interest rate can be guaranteed (currently). However, as coins are bought, issued, or mined over time and the total circulation increases, Wyith Institute™ will adjust (reduce) accordingly the interest rate so that the maximum circulation of the coin can be effectively controlled within the 1 million ceiling. This not only guarantees the value of the BCR@W coin in the long run but also means that the earlier you own a coin, the more coins (as interests) will be mined for you. This mechanism ensures that the distribution of wealth will not be controlled merely by who owns more coins (stake) but the earlier a person invests in the BCR@W coin (no matter how small the amount is), the more he/she can make.
Price & Conversion Even though the price of BCR is pegged against the price of one ounce of gold, its actual selling price still subjects to market conditions of the cryptocurrency exchange platforms, see Cashout Mechanism below. Depending on the current trend of the gold market, BCR@W is pegged against the current support or resistance price of one ounce of gold (at the start of each month), which is a way for us to help stabilize the BCR@W price while leaving flexibility for possible BCR@W-BCR trade.
Anonymity BCR holders are basically anonymous. No one can tell who owns or controls which BCR wallet. Hence, losing your computer means losing your coins (digital assets). BCR@W holders need to register with their real names and log onto their accounts to check on their coin balance or perform any transactions. Coin holders will be asked to provide proof of identity in case they want to trade coins.
Security & Backup With all BCR coins sitting on your own computer, you will need to do daily backup to protect your coins because a harddrive failure would mean everything's lost. All BCR@W coins (coin records) are stored and backed up on Wyith Institute™'s servers in the USA, Europe, Hong Kong, and the UK. We maintain multiple redundant connections to ensure the highest level of digital security and information integrity.
Sending & Receiving BCR holders use lengthy addresses in order to send or receive coins. BCR@W holders use email addresses to identify senders and receivers, making coin transactions and record history easily readable by coin holders.
Maximum Supply Currently at around 102,600,000 Currently at 400,000; Wyith maintains a restricted supply of coins to maintain its coin value. Our long-term goal is to control the maximum supply of the BCR@W to below 1 million coins.
Current Circulation Quickly approaching 102,600,000 Currently below 5,000
Trading Mechanism Can be traded publicly and conveniently on major coin exchange platforms (see Cashout Mechanism below). Owing to the stable coin nature, holders can only send and receive or purchase coins. No exchange or trading function is currently available yet an escrow service is being developed for BCR@W holders to barter for other resources (including Bitcoins, Ethereum, WAVES, and USDT).
Cash-in Mechanism Cashing in can be done through third-party cryptocurrency exchange platforms:

  • (Singapore)
  • (Singapore)
  • (China)
BCR@W can be cashed in US dollars via our matching fund when a BCR@W holder sponsors, subsidizes, or recommends one student to successfully enroll in and duly settle his tuition using a fiat currency toward one of Wyith Institute™'s online degree programmes.

Even though the above process looks tedious, it is far safer, especially in a down-turning economy with lots of dumpers selling digital assets at crazily low prices. Coupling the BCR@W coin with education and various intellectual-based assets provides strong falling resistance for the value of this true stable coin, especially in the gloomy post-CoVID19 economy.

Sign-up Method Download the BCR wallet from Click here to register and sign up your BCR@W account now

Can I convert between BCR@W and BCR?

Of course. A new mechanism is being set in place to allow BCR@W holders to trade between the two types of coins, giving you extra flexibility in maintaining anonymity while we comply to both AML and KYC measures. Our buy and sell prices for BCR@W using BCR are listed below.



315 BCR

Prices as of 2020-JUN-01

Why is there such a difference in the BUY and SELL prices?

Theoretically speaking, the heavier the trade of a commodity, the narrower the bid/ask spread. Unlike BCR (which is traded on major crypto trading platforms; see table above), BCRW@ was created not as a trading tool but as a long-term investment tool that benefits from the enormous gain in value created through education. This is why there is such a huge difference (or wide bid/ask spread) between the buy and sell prices. Such a wide spread reflects the actual value of quality education in improving the knowledge and skills of our learners. In other words, the value of BCR@W coin maximizes when you use it for education (say, enroll in a study programme or use it for education-related tasks) because this is what it is designed for. Meanwhile, when BCR@W can be used to pay for tuition, tuition cost is one item that goes up forever, isn't it?

How do I purchase or obtain BCR@W?

To purchase BCR@W coins, you will need to sign up for an account with us first.

Once you have an account with us, there will be three ways to purchase BCR@W coins from us: (i) the simplest way is to use your Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) coins and convert them into BCR@W coins using your account with us (see conversion rate above), (ii) you can buy BCR@W coins with fiat US dollars (and there is a discount for our coin holders to purchase coins from us too), or (iii) you can as well gain BCR@W coins by referring us new coin holders. For each successful coin holder you refer us, an award of 0.0025 BCR@W will be credited into your account, meaning that you can gain one full unit of BCR@W for every 400 new coin holders you refer (and there is practically no limit as to how many new coin holders you can refer).

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About Wyith Community

Wyith Community is an associated not-for-profit society founded by members of the Wyith Institute™. The society successfully completed its registration on March 31, 2016 with the Hong Kong Police in accordance with the provisions of Section 5A(1) of the Societies Ordinance – Chapter 151 of the Laws of Hong Kong. The aims of Wyith Community is to foster the growth and exchange of knowledge and its development through supporting the Belt-and-Road Initiative which covers more than 60 countries (or some 63% of the world's population; or 30% of the world's GDP in total) along the ancient Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silkroad. Hence, the Community envisions very active future collaborations with universities and tertiary institutions situated along the Belt-and-Road economic regions. The Community is a major shareholder of AAABlockchain Ltd in Belize (Central America) that holds nine (9) Australian patents regarding various blockchain applications through which the Community firmly believes could help transform and bring development to countries along the Belt-and-Road economic regions, if not to the entire world. These patents are also recognized by the United States Patent and Trade Mark Office (USPTO) through the international Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

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