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Founder and CEO

Dr Raymond Cheng


Founder, Wyith Incorporated

Executive Chairman

The Advisory Council and Board of Directors (in alphabetical order by last name)

Col. (Ret.) David Brenner

United States Army Colonel (Ret.)

Honorary Associate Director

Professor Sidney J Gluck (deceased)

Professor Emeritus
New School for Social Research, USA

Honorary Council Member

Mr Carlo DiTucci



Mr Abraham Hernandez

Former Banker, JPMorgan Chase

Honorary Advisor

Ms Ruth DiTucci

Former Faculty in Continuing Education
Columbia University, USA

Council Member

Dr Diego Marcori

Dott Informatics CISP LSP(Political Science)


Dr Harvey Feinman

Licensed Clinical Psychologist (California)


Mr William Stoffel

AA(Electronics) MCSE MCP MECP First Class


Mr Clive Flory

Former President
Melbourne IT International, Australia

Council Member

Ms Elke van Damme

Gegradueerde în de Farmaceutical and
Biotechnological Technics


Mr Alain Gilot

Gegradueerde în de Boekhouder - Fiscaliteit


Envoy Simon Wong

Community Relations & Resources Development Director
The Salvation Army Sri Lanka Territory

Council Member

Mr Christophe Gilot

Licentiate in Chemistry
Gegradueerde în de Industriële Chemie


The Institute, Professors and Fellows

President & CEO

Dr Raymond Cheng


Honorary Professors (in alphabetical order by last name)

Hon Justice Moore A A Adumein

Justice of the Court of Appeal (Three Arms Zone)
Abuja City, Federation of Nigeria
Dr the Honourable William Chan

Associate Professor of Tourism
Providence University (Taiwan)

Member (City of Fushun)
Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
People's Republic of China
Mr Chan Man-yin John, PMSM

Former Commandant
Foundation Training Center, Hong Kong Police College

Senior Superintendent (SSP) Emeritus – Traffic Kowloon West
Hong Kong Police, HKSAR
Ms Ruth DiTucci

Former Faculty in Continuing Education
Columbia University, USA
Dr Michael Fronda

Associate Dean of Graduate School
Wesleyan University-Philippines, Cabanatuan City
Republic of the Philippines
Dr Leonita Garcia

Former Vice President for Academic Affairs
Wesleyan University-Philippines, Cabanatuan City
Republic of the Philippines
Dr Rachael Moralde

Vice President for Research, Extension and Training
Nueva Ecija University of Science & Technology, Nueva Ecija
Republic of the Philippines
Ms Nguyễn Thị Tú

Head of International Cooperation
Hồ Chí Minh University of Education, Hồ Chí Minh City
Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Honorary Fellows

Dr Kant Chong

Dr Chadwick Ho

Dr Bard-lord Lam

Dr Samuel Lee

Dr Ivan Ng

Dr Thai Hoà Nguyễn

Visiting Fellows

Mr Khriz Fernandez

Mr Germen Hon

Mr Hugo Li

Ms La Thi Hồng Loan

Ms Maria Mateo

Ms Quyên Nguyễn

Mr Kevin Wong

Benevity Charity Relations, Community and External Programmes

Benevity Charity Relations

Mr Christian Santander

Ambassador for International Charity Relations

Community Programme: AAABlockchain & Bankcoin Reserve

Ms Nina Taylor

Founder & Director, AAABlockchain (Belize, Central America)

Honorary Director

Mr Gary McAlister Fowler

Chairman, Bankcoin Reserve and BCR Property Group Australia

Honorary Director

Dr Raymond Cheng


Chairman, Bankcoin Reserve Asia

Honorary Secretary

Ms Michellena Yetter, Esq

BS(Criminal Justice & Psychology) JD

Honorary Legal Counsel

Community Programme: Bankcoin.Global-BCR@W Extension

Dr Kalep González Blanco

Maestría en Inteligencia Artificial y Doctorado en Criptografía

CEO, Bankcoin.Global (Mexico)

Ambassador and Secretary for Science and Technology of the
Indigenous People of Mexico to the United Nations

Honorary Director

External Programme: First Grade (Greater China)

Dr Chadwick Ho


Director, First Grade (Greater China)

Associate Director

Mr Leo Zhang

BEng(Civil) MSc QRA CFP

Director, First Grade (Greater China)

Associate Director

The most valuable structure of Wyith Institute is the people – our human asset. Without them, none of our research projects would have been possible and none of our goals, let alone dreams, could ever be realized. Hence, we treasure our people, our partners, our students and every single connection all of them bring to the Institute.

We, at Wyith Institute, also believe that everyone that we come across, be him/her a colleague, a partner, or a student, is not only different but unique and would bring to the Institute various valuable strengths and eye-opening perspectives, if not merely knowledge, know-hows, or experience. And by maintaining such an atmosphere in which we uphold such a value, people hence do not come to be trained nor transformed, but in the process of learning from each other, they unlock their own potentials and morph to become a better, wiser person. It is in such an atmosphere that we believe could provide the ultimate spark to ignite and motivate a person, bring out the best in everyone, and achieve together what seems to be improbable.

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